Let's change the appearance of our environment

Each of us can influence the change of the environment

We gathered in 2016 and together with like-minded people, nature lovers and bearers of positive changes, founded the citizens' association and the eco-social company Ekonaut. Our basic mission is to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the development of environmental awareness of citizens, which we achieve through numerous projects and activities in the field of agriculture, spatial planning, architecture and landscape architecture, social entrepreneurship, green economy and eco-design.
With the desire to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Belgrade and do something about the long-standing dissatisfaction with the situation in the field of environmental protection, we decided to found the association Ekonaut. We initiated the promotion of the practical concept of urban agriculture through gardening as a hobby, as well as advocating garden communities as tools for sustainable land management. We have organized numerous educational events in the field of gardening and beekeeping in the urban environment. We are particularly focused on the network of stakeholders, decision makers, civil sector, professional associations and other stakeholders with whom we work to create favorable frameworks in the application of various forms of sustainable management of open urban and peri-urban spaces.

Our activities include the implementation of projects in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection, promotion of ecology, environmental rights and sustainable resource management. We are also actively working on establishing a structured dialogue with decision makers at the national and local levels, organizing educational events and producing multimedia content. We cooperate with all sectors, we pay special attention to cooperation with educational institutions and activities that include work with children and youth.
In addition, we help companies that need a different approach to social responsibility to implement activities that will have a positive impact on the environment. We also offer a range of services including arranging and maintaining green areas (urban gardening), service formation and maintenance of beehives (city beekeeping), organizing corporate volunteering actions and creating floral decorations and eco gifts for clients.


Sabina Kerić

Founder and president of the eco-social company Ekonaut. She develops projects based on the principles of sustainability and participation in the process of spatial planning and design. She deals with the popularization of the green economy and explores solutions that improve public space and use common goods as places for culture and play.

Miljan Peljević

Co-founder of the creative hub "Nova Iskra", initiator of the network of coworking spaces in Serbia, founder of the organization Kultur Akt. As a producer, he participated in the founding and realization of numerous festivals, concerts, theater performances and other contents in the field of culture and entertainment. Econaut consultant in the field of circular economy and socially responsible business.

Anđela Kovljenić

After studying management in art production and 4 years of experience in digital marketing and working with global, commercial clients in marketing agencies, she continues her career in the same industry as a freelancer with clients in line with personal interests such as ecology, yoga, tantra, natural cosmetics and coworking space.

Antonina Marin

A graduate economist and a great lover of nature. At Ekonaut, she combines her profession and hobby by taking care of the user experience and helping to organize projects. She is currently working with colleagues on a program on medicinal herbs, "Biljarnica". She uses her modest experience from working in corporations and non-profit organizations to contribute to the team.

Dina Vuković

She graduated as a cultural manager at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Since 2004, she has been building work experience on the organization of events and public relations, which have been in the center of her interest for the last five years. In addition to strategic planning of media and communication strategies, her skills include copywriting, advertising on social networks and conducting promotional campaigns. Caring for the environment and love for nature have connected her with Ekonaut, and the two collaborate on the preparation of various texts and publications.


Momčilo Antonijević

Journalist, editor, culturologist, folk herbalist. He holds a Master's degree from the Faculty of Political Science, Department of Cultural Theory. He writes and reports on medicinal plants for Blic and RTS. He is the author of the blog and youtube channel "Strength of Plants". He published a collection of travelogues "How I Became a Traveler and Stopped Being a Tourist". He combined his love for plants, cooking and writing in the collection of recipes "Wild Chef". He cooperates with Ekonaut on the "Biljarnica" project, a school for the use and recognition of medicinal and wild plants. He lives, works and plants in Belgrade.

Jovana Bila Dubaić

dipl. biolog zaštite životne sredine
Jovana Bila Dubaić je zaposlena kao istraživač saradnik na Biološkom fakultetu za užu naučnu oblast: Ekologija, biogeografija i zaštita životne sredine. Trenutno je student doktorskih studija na Biološkom fakultetu (program: Ekologija, modul: Zaštita biodiverziteta). Tema doktorske disertacije: „Diverzitet divljih pčela na području Beograda: faunistički pregled, obrasci distribucije i procena statusa populacija odabranih grupa“. O istraživanjima koja sprovodi na Biološkom fakultetu detaljnije možete pročitati na stranici: https://srbee.bio.bg.ac.rs/srbee.

Milena Ivković

Dutch-Serbian architect, urban designer and digital artist, founder of Placemaking Western Balkans and architectural firm Block 74, Milena uses her knowledge of urban forms and co-design techniques to help improve public spaces. Shee collaborates with Ekonaut in the promotion of good design of public spaces using "placemaking" methods and tools. 

Ivan Ekrić

Industrial designer, employed as a lecturer at the Polytechnic Academy for the narrower scientific field: industrial design. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He is the founder of the design studio "Identity". He worked on the development of the startup "The Woobox" winner of Dubai Expo live 2020 and is the holder of a patent for this product, modular boxes for the transport of organic food. He is currently working on the development of many brands and products from both domestic and foreign industries. He works with Ekonaut on the design of special spatial installations and sculptures with ecosystem functions. 

Vladimir Milutinović

Diplomirao na Katedri za pejzažnu arhitekturu i hortikulturu Šumarskog fakulteta u Beogradu. Iskustvo stiče u firmi Semenarna Ljubljana na poslovima uvoza semena i opreme za baštovanstvo, zaštite biljaka. Saradnik u nastavi iz oblasti rasadničarske proizvodnje i urbane hotikulture na Šumarskom fakultetu na Katedri za proizvodnju sadnog materija. Voditelj i autor TV serijala “Mala škola baštovanstva” (2014), “Svet baštovanstva” (2018), “Tajna mog vrta” i “Svet rasadnika” (2021). Od 2013. do 2018. Radi na promociji očuvanja autohtonih sorti voća na teritoriji Srbije, edukaciji o proizvodnji organske hrane. Saradnik Ekonauta u projektu “inicijativa za gradske baštenske zajednice”

Marija Nikolić

Landscape architect, creative director of the annual event Belgrade Flower Festival and MNSstudio, a company for the design and construction of green areas. Expert in floral design and interior design. For Ekonaut, she creates green space projects and installations, public events and corporate gifts.

Ratka Čolić

Urbanist, associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. She deals with research and innovation in education and capacity building for sustainable and integrated territorial development, citizen participation and the involvement of stakeholders in urban development management. She collaborated with Ekonaut on the project of the City Garden Communities in Belgrade. 

Ksenija Lalović

Architect-urbanist, associate professor at the University of Belgrade-Faculty of Architecture at the Department of Urbanism. She deals with strategic approach and innovations in sustainable territorial development through co-creation and with the support of GIS tools. She is the head of the Innovation Laboratory of Sustainable Development of the Faculty of Architecture. She is a member of the Center for Experiments and Urban Studies - CEUS. She collaborates with Ekonaut on the project "Initiatives for Urban Garden Communities" in Belgrade.

Stanko Rajić

Graduated economist and beekeeper, president of the Belgrade Association of Beekeepers - BUP. He has a degree in economics and has been engaged in beekeeping since 1987. He beekeepers with about 100 bee colonies. He is on the list of official lecturers of the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia, SPOS, and has done a large number of lectures on apithetics. He has held several theoretical and practical classes for beginner beekeepers. In the last two years, he has been organizing various professional lectures on the topic of beekeeping for experienced beekeepers and beginners.

Marko Bošković

Professional gardener with many years of experience in establishing and maintaining green areas. In the Ekonaut team, he is in charge of maintaining green areas and organizing field work during the implementation of projects.  

Ivana Stojiljković

She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Chemistry. In her work, she deals with research in the field of environmental protection, design and synthesis of organic molecules and materials for various applications. She is trained to work in the field of environmental protection and the use of instrumental techniques used in environmental monitoring. She has the knowledge necessary for environmental management, which includes controlling anthropogenic activities in order to preserve natural resources and prevent their pollution. 

Ana Svilar

She completed her undergraduate and master's studies at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, where she obtained the title of Environmental Protection Engineer. She continued her professional training at the same faculty, in postgraduate studies in the field of strategic planning of Aquaculture. Founder of the association of citizens "Green Mind" and environmental activist. For Ekonaut, she designed a lecture and workshop "Home Garden" within the project "Initiative for urban garden communities". 

Slađan Simonović

Professional beekeeper with more than twenty years of practice. He is one of the founders of the Belgrade Association of Beekeepers. He is a member of the BeeConnected team, as an expert advisor and lecturer within the Econaut School of Urban Beekeeping. Founder of the mobile SOS team for rescuing bees in an urban environment.

Petar Ristivojević

He received his doctorate from the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade, dealing with the research of Serbian propolis. His research interests include food analysis, chemistry of natural products, as well as the development of environmentally friendly analytical methods. So far, he has been the manager of several national and international projects. He has published 44 scientific papers, cited over 750 times. For the needs of Ekonaut, he gave a lecture on the topic of propolis and its use. 



Kada u jednom od najzagađenijih delova Beograda, u okolini autobuske stanice, uspete da gajite više od 70 vrsta biljaka, s pravo možete reći da ste urbani baštovan. Ako ta bašta postane stanište pčela, kao što je slučaj sa našim sagovornicima, onda postajete i proizvođač hrane. PROČITAJ CELU VEST


Pre nešto više od decenije, kada je uočeno ozbiljno izumiranje pčela, u urbanim sredinama počeo je razvoj pčelarstva. Krovovi zgrada, dvorišta i druga mesta u gradovima postala su novi dom za pčele. Naša sagovornica Sabina Kerić jedna je od osnivača projekta “Beeconnected” koji je nastao 2018, kako bi doprineo razvoju ove pojave u našoj zemlji. PROČITAJ CELU VEST


Povodom Svetskog dan pčela, koji se obeležava 20. maja, u Srbiji se pokreće „Incijativa za medonosne bašte“ putem koje grupa organizacija, udruženja, institucija, pčelara, naučnika, ekoloških aktivista, građana i građanki hoće da pomognu pčelama kroz negovanje i zasnivanje površina sa medonosnim biljkama i postavljanje košnica na teritoriji Beograda. PROČITAJ CELU VEST


U našem prostoru u Savamali, 7. oktobra održana je dodela sertifikata polazanicima ovogodišnje generacije škole gradskog pčelarstva  „BeeConnected“. Škola je bila namenjena svima koji žele da se edukuju i preuzmu aktivniju ulogu u očuvanju prirode i najvažnijih bića na planeti – pčela. PROČITAJ CELU VEST

Svet je danas teško mesto za život, posebno ako ste pčela, jer je cvet bogat polenom i nektarom sve teže i teže naći. Širenje gradova, klimatske promene i pesticidi vrše pritisak na najvažniju vrstu na planeti, odgovornu za dobar deo hrane koju svakodnevno jedemo. Povodom Svetskog dan pčela, 20. maja, ove godine u Srbiji grupa organizacija, udruženja, institucija, pčelara, naučnika, ekoloških aktivista i građana pokreće ’Incijativu za medonosne bašte’. PROČITAJ CELU VEST

Udruženje Ekonaut, jedno od pokretača inicijative, zato je sastavilo kratku informativnu publikaciju sa 100 biljaka za pčele, da bi svako odabrao prave biljke prema svojim mogućnostima i lako se priključio inicijativi koja planira da do jeseni animira što veći broj ljudi, kompanija, udruženja, škola i svih ostalih voljnih da se priduže ovom poduhvatu kroz različite programe u oblasti baštovanstva i pčelarstva. PROČITAJ CELU VEST

Svako ko već ima neku površinu koja ima elemente medonosne bašte može se priključiti inicijativi preko društvenih mreža i učestvovati od 01. juna do 01. septembra u nagradnom konkursu #medonosnabasta. Svi koji budu delili svoje iskustvo i slike konkurišu za prigodne baštovanske i pčelarske poklone. Pravila i uslovi će biti objavljeni 01. juna preko profila pokretača inicijative na društvenim mrežama saopštilo je Udruženje Ekonaut. PROČITAJ CELU VEST

Odbegli rojevi pčela prvi put u Srbiji dobiće svoj dom, jer je danas, na Svetski dan pčela, počela realizacija projekta „azila za pčele“ u oglednom beogradskom pčelinjaku „Košutnjak“. Istovrmeno, krenula i incijativa za „medonosne bašte“.

Ovaj jedinstven smeštaj i pristup očuvanja zajednice pčela u Srbiji, biće realizovan u saradnji Beogradskog pčelarskog udruženja i kompanije Delez Srbija, koja je zahvaljujući programu lojalnosti „Pčelice stvaralice“ prikupila milion dinara za ovu namenu. PROČITAJ CELU VEST

Pčele, jedan od ključnih činilaca u lancu ishrane, ubrzano nestaju širom planete.

Idustrijska poljoprivreda, korišćenje pesticida, ali i seča drveća i košenje travnjaka po gradovima ugrožavaju ovu životinjsku vrstu.

Pčelama su potrebne biljke koje proizvode nekatar i polen, tako da bašte i u gradskim uslovima treba to da im obezbede, objašnjava Sabina Kerić iz udruženja EkonautPROČITAJ CELU VEST

Kako bismo podstakli zajedničko promišljanje zdravijeg planiranja Beograda, u četvrtak, 19. novembra od 11:00 časova,  organizovali smo online otvoreni razgovor o urbanističkim parametrima, odnosno pravilima uređenja i građenja budućeg Plana detaljne regulacije za linijski park, koji bi omogućili (ili zahtevali) sprovođenje prirodom-inspirisanih rešenja u javnim prostorima i budućim objektima. PROČITAJ CELU VEST


Urbanizacija, uništavanje prirodnih netaknutih zelenih površina zarad kreiranja veštačkih ekosistema, zelenih parkova i masovne gradnje stambenih objekata i kompleksa agresivno uništavaju šansu za opstanak biljnih i životinjskih vrsta u gradu, sagalsni su sagovornici Autonomije. Oni napominju da građani ipak postaju svesni važnosti prirodnih ekosistema i postepeno se uključuju u borbu za njihov opstanak. PROČITAJ CELU VEST


Ljudsko društvo je, po naučnim podacima, uređeno po sistemu pčelinje zajednice, i to još od mlađeg mezolita i lovačko-sakupljačke privrede. Pčele su glavni uslov opstanka ljudi na planeti, a danas zbog sve većeg tretiranja biljaka pesticidima preti im izumiranje. Gradske pčele, tačnije gajenje ovih insekata u urbanim sredinama, jedan je od uslova za spas pčela ali i čovečanstva. PROČITAJ CELU VEST


Projekat Bee Connected, koji ove jeseni obeležava tri godine postojanja, promovisao je na izuzetno konstruktivan način važnost pčela za očuvanje zdrave životne sredine. Realizovane su mnoge akcije, a priča o značaju pčela počela je da dopire do sve više ljudi. PROČITAJ CELU VEST